What are the benefits??

Cleans & polishes windows, mirrors, windshields, glass - all hard surfaces.
Leaves a streak free, spot free & lint free finish using NO chemicals or paper towels.
One step process cuts cleaning time in half - verified by professionals!

  • Jamie
    Gary came into my company looking for a video to record a demo of the KD Cloth in action.  I was so impressed with the product ... I became an Associate!  Then my father came to visit from B.C., liked the cloth and what it could do, met Gary and decided to be an Associate for B.C.  I love the fact that I don't have to push the KD cloth on anybody.  They try it, they like it!  
  • Carol
    Just wanted to comment on your amazing delivery service. I couldn't believe the order was at the Post Office today...just placed yesterday & with No shipping charges....I'm impressed! Thanks,  
  • Tim
    I was talking with you at the Oshawa car show on the Saturday August 28,  2010.  You showed me the demonstration & a couple of cars you had cleaned with the cloths.  I`ve used it on my 2007 Pontiac G5 GT & I`m amazed on how it cleaned the inside & outside of my windows.  The real test was driving at night, & not seeing any streaks at all.  I mean nothing.  I`ve washed the cloth with my regular washing making sure no towels were in it as you suggested because of the lint.  
  • Eleanor
    Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order and for the follow-up letter. I am busy cleaning my house during this rainy weather week in N.B. The cloths are amazing and I have shared some with my friends; I'm sure they'll be calling for your number... Thanks again,
  • Joseph Dow
    Your cloths have made a real difference in the way our company cleans now.  Before using the KD Cloth, cleaning the glass was a time consuming process.  We had to first wash the window, then dry it, and finally remove any streaks.  Now it is truly a one step process.  Just wipe and walk away!  I have confidence in the cleaning ability of this cloth and we don't even have to buy glass cleaner anymore. Dow Janitorial Contractors
    Joseph Dow