My name is Joan and I am the winner of the Perth Garlic Festival gift basket which was drawn a few days ago.  I wanted to write to thank you so very much for your donation.  Your KD Cloths are wonderful!  How they work I'm not real sure, but they really do work!  My daughter especially loves hers for cleaning her iPhone.  Thank you as well for the mop, which we will put to great use in our home, as we have all hardwood floors.Thank you for contributing to the gift basket which I was so fortunate to win.  And congratulations on a great product.Best wishes,  


I recently did a complete renovation on my bathroom. I used glossy black porcelain tiles and also a fair sized glass shower enclosure. Needles to say, this is definitely a nightmare to clean. I've used a squeegee, liquid cleaners, and had terrible results with streaking. Believe me when I say, it was a chore. A good friend of mine introduced me to your KD cloth. It was so easy to use and the results were fantastic. It only took me a matter of minutes to completely clean the entire shower stall. No streaks on the glass or tiles. WOW!  I also used your KD cloth on chrome and a mirror with the same great results. Can't wait to use it on my car. It's great to see a product actually live up to what it claims to do. Money well spent. Thank you for making my life a little easier.  


Hello, I just want to drop a quick note to thank you for your excellent product and customer service. I placed an order today and called and left a message about delivery dates to a small town in Saskatchewan. A lovely lady just returned my call to confirm my order and delivery date - so appreciated. Too many companies today don't provide or value good customer service and apparently KD cloth does both. Please feel free to use my comments whenever it will help your business. Good luck with your business. Saskatoon, SK  


I recently purchased 2 KD cloths for myself and sister-in-law.  I was truly amazed that the cloth did what it was advertised to do and only with the use of warm water.   I went all around the house cleaning; beginning in the kitchen, moving to the bathroom and finally ending with windows. Everything was spotless and streak free and the best part CHEMICAL FREE.   My sister-in-law cleaned her windows and then proceeded to her mother's house and did the same. Her mother was impressed! She took it to the cottage in the far north and the cloth still cleaned well.  I have placed an order (for 9) with an acquaintance who suggested I try the cloth. I truly doubted the cloth would do what it was advertised to do but have been convinced with my first use.  The KD cloth definitely sells itself. If there is any information you can send on becoming an associate I would appreciate receiving it via this medium.  


I just have to say that your product is amazing. I just placed my 3rd order because I keep telling friends and family about the KD Cloth and I gave them all one and they keep wanting more. Amazing! Best cleaning tool I own!! Thank you so much.  


I purchased 2 KD cloths from Carol, an associate member this week as she did such a fine job of promoting this product. I am 56 years old and on disability due to arthritis. I have had a hip replacement, a couple of revisions and need my other hip done. I wear splints on my hands and walk with crutches. Life gets pretty hard sometimes because you have pain every day that you have to learn to cope with.  Yesterday evening, while the hubby was taking a little siesta, I decided to try out my KD cloth.  Well, I was astonished to say the least. I cleaned, dusted, wiped and swiped everything that I could reach as I have trouble bending down. Mirrors, antiques, pictures,light shades, the shower, pictures, appliances, windows etc.  When he arose we, and took my new KD Cloth and went to town, literally.  While he was driving I wiped down the console of the car where months of fast food smorgasborgue had dried over the winter.  A couple of swipes with the KD and voila, clean and sparkly. Now here’s the good part. All this was done in a quarter of the time it would take me to accomplish this task. Better yet It did not cause any more  pain than I deal with daily.  Why? No need for chemicals that aggravate my hands. No running outside to shake out the duster.No extra cleaning lotions and potions for this and for that. No extra cloths for all your tasks. KD does it all. Just run it under water, squeeze out the excess moisture and go. Oh, and I forgot  to mention this to Gary.We have four dogs and a cat. All those other dusters that say they pick up pet hair, DO NOT compare to the KD Cloth.  So when it picks up all that pet hair from your furniture, you just rinse and go again. Not like those other products that you toss in the garbage. As you can tell I am so sold on this product. Today, I am excited to say that my husband and I are joining the KD team as Associates.  Quote from my 17 year old step son Jann “Only a woman could get excited about a cleaning cloth, until  I tried it on my car. I cleaned my dash and it took that stain off my sun visor.”  If you can get your teenager to clean anything, then you are on your way to success.  


I would just like to say that I love these cloths! I bought them mainly for use on my aquariums - and WOW. Anyone who keeps aquariums knows the challenge it is to CLEAN both inside and outside of aquariums without using chemicals. Before I got this cloth, cleaning inside of the aquarium was quite a chore. This cloth really does the trick. It cleans of algae, mineral build up and general aquarium yuckiness. Now.. the best part. I used it once and I was pretty impressed, however I was concerned how it would fare after washing. I think it gets better each time. And for all you other "normal" people who might not keep fish, I cleaned all the windows in my house, my stove, mirrors, everything.. Effortless, no chemicals and spotless! No complaints here what-so-ever. Well priced product that will definitely save you time and money.  


Gary came into my company looking for a video to record a demo of the KD Cloth in action.  I was so impressed with the product ... I became an Associate!  Then my father came to visit from B.C., liked the cloth and what it could do, met Gary and decided to be an Associate for B.C.  I love the fact that I don't have to push the KD cloth on anybody.  They try it, they like it!  


When I have unexpected guests, I can go into the main bathroom and in about 20 seconds, I can clean the bathroom mirror, sink, shine the faucet to perfection, go over the edge of the tub and around the floor trim. There is no chemical smell and the bathroom looks fantastic. The worst job is cleaning our corner shower unit. I have tried many spray cleaners. With no window, I can't stand to breathe in the chemicals. I discovered the ease of using the KD Cloth to clean the soap scum off the 3 glass panels and vinyl wall portion. Any thicker areas, I was able to go over it twice with little effort, to a sparkling clean result. I could stand in the shower to clean without getting soaking wet!!  


AMAZING! I cannot believe that after 11 years of struggling to find a solution i found it at a county fair. Having 49 windows on my house was one thing but trying to keep glass closet doors with little finger prints and mirrors clean was another thing.  Worst of all, it was my bathroom mirror with all the hair products and water splash spots that was driving me crazy. I would even ask my husband to put a little muscle into it to avoid streaks when i had guests coming to visit. Yes i tried all the products, i tried all the tricks, vinegar, newspaper trust me i tried it all. Some cleaned after 15 minutes of scrubbing but never without leaving a shadow, little streaks or lint. Nothing worked. I watched as Mr Moore did his demonstration. Wet it, Wring it, and Wipe it! It was just too easy. I asked him how old the mirror was and about the quality of the glass he was using and he smiled at my questions. Eventually even though i was sceptical i decided to buy the KD Cloth. Once again he smiled when i told him i would send him a “i told you it would not work” email. I never imagined that i would write a note thanking him for his patience when i joked around about trying yet another product. All i can say is it really does work. My bathroom mirror is so clear it amazed me. Do not ask me how it works. It just works! Try it!  You will be happy when you save time, money and energy. Now i am no longer bothered by my grandson and his color crayons and i actually decided to keep his drawings on the shiniest glass closet door i have ever seen.  


Just wanted to comment on your amazing delivery service. I couldn't believe the order was at the Post Office today...just placed yesterday & with No shipping charges....I'm impressed! Thanks,  

Lynda & Evelyn

Evelyn and I received a KD Cloth gift from Evelyn’s daughter, Nancy.  It performed as advertized on the package which simply amazed me.  My new windows were hard to clean without leaving streaks.  I spent hours on them and I tried different products to no avail.  When the sun shone through them, they were still all streaky and looked like I hadn`t cleaned them at all.  Then I tried the KD Cloth - I did all my windows in just minutes.  I wiped all the windows with the damp KD Cloth and walked away.  They dried themselves, streak free.  I am still amazed every time I use the KD Cloth.  I vowed that I`m never going to be without them ever.  They worked on my mirrors, greasy stove top, wonderful on stainless steel, glass tabletops, and T.V. screens and on the vehicles etc... Great savings as well.  No window cleaner to buy and all those paper towels I use to use!!! When the earthquake happened in Haiti I looked for a way to help.  I noticed an article in our local newspaper, The Sudbury Star, about Mission of T.E.A.R.S. [orphanages and schools] a non profit organization that was raising funds to rebuild the orphanage and school that was ruined in the quake.  It was just what I was looking for!  This was in Feb. of 2010. The idea of selling KD Cloths came to me quickly.  I called Evelyn to see what she thought and she agreed because she liked her KD Cloth as much as I did.  She told me to go ahead with it and she would help me sell them.  I called the phone # on the KD Cloth bag.  When I explained what we wanted to do they put me right through to Mr Gary Moore.  I had never done anything like this before but Mr Moore made it easy for me and explained how a fundraiser like this worked.  He was always there to answer any questions I had.  He sent us a package with some KD Cloths to do demonstrate and we got right to work.  Our first demo was at our TOPS chapter (Take Off Pounds Sensibly).  They were amazed how quickly I cleaned a very dirty mirror that we had smeared with grease, dried on toothpaste, and dry bar of soap.   I just wiped with a damp KD Cloth and let dry without drying it.  I then rinsed the KD Cloth well in warm water.  I wrung it out until it was just damp again, then I cleaned their eye glasses with the same cloth.  We had them sold!!  They bought 130 that evening - we were off to a good start.  Evelyn sold a good many to the people in her Church as well. The cloths literally sold themselves once people tried them.  They wanted more for family and friends.  We quickly sold over $2500.00 in less than three months.   One of my customers was buying so many, I thought he must have been using the KD Cloths and throwing them away.  When I asked he said no, he liked them so much he was selling them up and down his street to all his neighbours. Sincerely  


I was talking with you at the Oshawa car show on the Saturday August 28,  2010.  You showed me the demonstration & a couple of cars you had cleaned with the cloths.  I`ve used it on my 2007 Pontiac G5 GT & I`m amazed on how it cleaned the inside & outside of my windows.  The real test was driving at night, & not seeing any streaks at all.  I mean nothing.  I`ve washed the cloth with my regular washing making sure no towels were in it as you suggested because of the lint.  


I purchased your cloths and mop today at the Hastings Powing Match and am truly amazed at the cleaning abilities of this cloth. I started on my window which was covered in fly droppings and it came off easily. The best part is that it was a one step process - just wipe and you're done. I love it. It cleaned my stainless steel fridge perfectly, stove, microwave, walls, etc. I couldn't stop cleaning with it because it was so easy. No second step of wiping away streaks or spots because there were none. Thank you for making this product available. It truly is a time saver. On the paper inside the pouch the cloths come in it says Distributors Wanted. I am wondering what that job entales as I may be interested in distributing this product since I love it so much. I look forward to hearing from you.


This is Nancy Cole, writing to tell you how much I love my KD Cloth!!! It truly IS Incredible!!! I just received my order of 25 KD Cloths with free shipping which was a BONUS! Never have our mirrors, windows and car windows been so shiny, clean and streak free! We have one dresser mirror that would NEVER clean properly- always a streak or two and it was always a pain. That is, until I did a few swipes with the KD Cloth and WOW, WOW, WOW- streaks are gone forever. YAHOOO!!! This year, I plan to give KD Cloths as Christmas Gifts to friends and Neighbours. Below is the poem that I wrote which will accompany the KD Cloth Gift: I know you're probably thinking "Dumbest gift I've ever seen!" But... you will thank me later When your windows you must clean. This truly is a "Magic Cloth" It shines up mirrors and glass No need for Windex (or paper towels) They're a real pain in the _ _ _! You will always have windows And mirrors - all "streak-free" Just a "not-so-dumb" Christmas Gift To you, from little ol' me. Yours truly,  


Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order and for the follow-up letter. I am busy cleaning my house during this rainy weather week in N.B. The cloths are amazing and I have shared some with my friends; I'm sure they'll be calling for your number... Thanks again,


We had new glass mirrored doors put in the house this past month, each door being  four feet wide. Now, I have to tell you these doors sat in the warehouse for a month and then our garage for about three weeks, so when it came time to install, they were very dirty. The first thing I did was use my swiffer to get rid of most of the dust, then came the warm soap and water…still dirty and now I also have a smudge on them. I then used Windex and newspaper and still a smudge/streak over both doors, again, ….out comes the Windex, this time with paper towels, still end up with the same results. I’m at my wits end,  and I now have eight feet of  smudge/streaks, then I remembered my neighbor who bought this “be all, end all” cloth…so I borrowed it out of desperation.  What can I say, this little white cloth is truly amazing… best cleaning friend forever, it truly is the” be all, end all” cloth. After I finished with my mirrored doors I went on to my windows and when the sun shines in through the windows…No Streaks…  I’m so sold on this cloth, I’m telling everyone and  I’ve ordered 25  KD Cloths to give to friends and as Christmas gifts. Thank-you soooo much

Joseph Dow

Your cloths have made a real difference in the way our company cleans now.  Before using the KD Cloth, cleaning the glass was a time consuming process.  We had to first wash the window, then dry it, and finally remove any streaks.  Now it is truly a one step process.  Just wipe and walk away!  I have confidence in the cleaning ability of this cloth and we don't even have to buy glass cleaner anymore. Dow Janitorial Contractors

Barbara Davidson

I was at the Richmond Fair yesterday and bought 5 KD Cloths from you and mentioned I would immediately try it out on my patio door when I returned home - you were so right - the KD cloth is amazing and I didn't stop there - next were my mirrored doors (I have 4 sets of these), my glass topped coffee and end tables, my microwave front, stainless steel appliances and then my car windows and the results were all the same -  absolutely fantastic. I haven't stopped telling my neighbours and family about it and have already given two away.  I  was thrilled to see they can be ordered on line with free shipping! (A very happy customer)

Marilyn Dalton-Warren

A few months ago you asked me to try one of your KD cloths.  You said to use it on everything.  It looked like a piece of flannelette.  I wasn't impressed , but I trusted you to not waste my time, so I took the cloth, rinsed it well and went to work to test it.  I used it on all the mirrors, wall tiles ,glass, chrome leather, etc.etc.  I could not believe my eyes!!  I have been professionally cleaning for about 15 years, and spent a small fortune on all the "so-called miracle" cloths, but I have truthfully never used anything like the KD CLOTH. It has literally cut my work and costs in half. These cloths are truly INCREDIBLE. My deepest appreciation for introducing me to the KD CLOTH. I tell everyone I know about them